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Live Traffic Updates for Lagos

Last traffic update receieved at 09:51
Please note: Our traffic report is back and better.U can receive traffic alert on your mobile as you go, text traffic space location to 32661 e.g TRAFFIC IKOYI".Available only on Glo.To tell us about traffic in Ur Area call 018747305.available for LEKKI,IKOYI&3RDMLAND

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Move around the map
Move PanelHold down your left mouse button on the map and move your mouse to drag the map around, alternatively you can use the arrows at the top left of the map window to move the map. You can also select a location from the jump to drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

Zoom in or out
Press the plus or minus button on the left of the screen, to zoom either in or out of the map. Alternatively you can drag the slider located between the plus and minus buttons. The map will zoom in or out around the centre of the current display

View more details
markerTo see more details of the traffic at a certain location simply click the red markers on the maps. This will display our latest image of traffic conditions at that location, a text description of the traffic conditions and the last time our information was updated.